Vested benefits (Pillar 2) – Leader comparison (investment solution)

Valuepension and Viac have the lowest fees for vested benefits accounts with assets invested. What are the differences?

Valuepension (Index Strategies)

VIAC Vested benefits

Yearly Fees with TVA
Max stocks allocation (strategy)0.55% (Aktien 100)0.51% (Global 100)*
Max stocks allocation
(personalized strategy)
50% stocks/50% bonds0.52%0.51%**
50% stocks/50% cashNot possible***0.28%
100% cashNot possible***Free (interest on cash 0.05%)
Currency exchange feesYes, ~ 0.05%Yes, avg 0.25% (up to 0.50%)
Number of funds availableMore than 35More than 40
Personalized strategies (mix of funds)YesYes
Max stocks (hedged or unhedged)99%97% (only for the extra mandatory part)*
Max allocation in foreign currency (unhedged)99%60%
Transaction (buy/sell)Once a month
(First business day)
Once a month
(First business day)
Currency hedgingPartially for the strategiesNo for the strategies
Funds stylePassivePassive
Fund provider(s)Credit SuisseCredit Suisse, UBS, iShares
ESG funds availableYesYes
Web interfaceYesYes
Mobile appNoNo
Possible to defined the maximum deviation from the target weight before rebalancingYesNo
Active funds offered by partners (with higher cost)Yes - GlobalanceBank, Graubünder Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Entrepreneur Partners, TramondoNo
Death OR invalidity insuranceNoYes, 2500 CHF for each 10'000 CHF invested
Referal programNoYes
Launched date20202020
Assets under management200 million including 1e collective foundation Yourpension700 million including Viac 3a
* Equity only strategies can only be selected in the extra-mandatory segment. In the mandatory component, a maximum of 80% equities can be selected, but real estate, gold or bonds can be added This information can be found on your pension fund statement.
** VIAC doesn't include bond funds in their strategies due to the low yields and replaces them with cash. However, it is possible to create a personalized strategy with bonds.
***Cash could be replaced with a market fund (CSIMF Money Market CHF ZB), however Money Market funds offer negative performance